WELCOME TO OUR FIRST GRADE BLOG SPOT! This is where we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.

Monday, October 5, 2015


The class did a beautiful job singing and ringing yesterday.  The Servant Song is such a good one to remember as we put others in front our ourselves, like Christ did for us!

We kicked of "Christian Friendship Week" at FLS.  This morning the 8th graders presented skits.  We saw, heard and discussed how we can be better friends (not bullies) and help those (being bullied) who need our help.

Our Bible story was Jacob's Dream, 7B.  The Memory Treasure a a bit longer, but I know with practice my students can do it.  Each student circled the part of the 8th Comm. they are to know by tomorrow.

Math:  We will practice the doubles all week.  Can't wait to do our new math stations tomorrow.  27B is due Tues!

Superkids:  We started unit 3.  Some kids still had trouble will Unit 2 words.  Those kids practiced more today.  Our new words have the -ng ending and -le ending.

Science:  We reviewed animal groups and read about how animals grow and change.

Mrs. Guell had a special announcement for the class this am.  She brought treats to celebrate, too. Ask about it.

Friday, October 2, 2015


Grand Day was very special!  It was a treat to meet so many Grands today.  The first grade did sing our song, The Servant Song, as an intro to the event.  Mr.  H led us in a devotion.  We are grateful for a "Hands On" school.  Our Savior put his hands on the cross and washed our sin away.  He opened his hands and said, "Let the little children come to me."  What a blessing to lead children to their Savior daily here at Faith.  We also sang "I Believe" as a whole school.  Wow!  Finally, we all sang a fun Gram and Gramps song.  

The group divided for Reader's Theatre and Card Bingo.  It was a delight to watch the family groups read and perform their short "plays."  Ask about the one your family did and others they heard.  Look for more Reader's Theatre in first grade.  Mrs. Guell took pictures for me.  I will be sure to get a picture in their journals.

THANK YOU for send snacks.   They were enjoyed during Card Bingo.

We sing in late church Sunday.  Meet in my room at 10:15.   The kids will sit with you and come up to the front when announced.

Our secretary,  Shari Zunker, said that St. Frances called and told us how much they appreciated having us sing for them.  :)

Have a wonderful weekend.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015


We had a fun day in first grade.  Ask  about all these things!

Bible: Esau and Jacob.  Our  Memory Treasure erase game.  I Jn 1:7 was written in the binder lesson page.

Superkids:  We did more practice with "th" words and our question words (where, when, which, who, what and why).  Some kids are still having a hard time reading them.   Practice with the yellow flashcards.  My classroom aids have been having the kids spell the words with letter cubes.  Fun!

Math: 25 B  We also learned the Doubles Rap to review the doubles number sentences. (2+2=4)

Music and gym.  Today we used balloons and paddles to practice our "drop, strike, catch."

Please return the field trip permission form for Appleton.  I do have many chaperons, but there is room for a couple more.

TRACK MEET tonight at WLA.  First grade will run their race about 5:15.  What a nice evening to be out!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


I am getting later by the day.  :(  I had  vb after school then internet trouble.  Most of my kids are already in bed, but I will post a few notes from our day anyway.

Bible:  We reviewed the story A Wife for  Isaac.   May we be bold, and confident in our prayers to our heavenly Father just as Abraham's servant was.  We also recited the Memory Treasure.  It was new and tough for me.  Time to get this young generation started on the new translation.

Reading: We did lots of work with our Memory (Sight) Words.  We reviewed the story.  I am so delighted that so many want to read for the class!  I am sure the upper grade teachers wish they had such enthusiasm when they ask for a student to read aloud.  

Math: We made many shapes on our geoboards today.  Do lesson 24B tonight.

Science: We reviewed mammals and read about birds, fish, amphibians and reptiles!  THANK YOU Tegan for bringing in new insects, walking sticks.  Wow.

The kids took home a purple permission slip for our field trip to Appleton.  Sign and return with money.  Thanks.

Don't forget to send a bag of popcorn, pretzels, or party mix for Grand Day this Friday!

Monday, September 28, 2015


Sorry for the late post.  I had a vb game after school then home to feed the kids.  My husband gets to go to the game tonight!!!  Go Packers!

Happy Birthday Eli.  Hope you are feeling better and can join us tomorrow.  Abigail, hope you are feeling better, too.

Bible: Read 6B and study the MT-  Heb 11:1  especially the first part!

Superkids:  Read the story "What Can I Get for a Nickel?"

Words of the Week:  We have some  tricky ones.  I noticed today many kids were unable to even read the words and by Friday we have to spell them.  Practice the flash cards  in the money pouch.  :)

Math:  We learned and practiced the "doubles" today.  23B due tomorrow.

Ask about balloon volleyball in gym.  :)  We did two reading groups at the end of the day.  The girls all played whiffle  ball at noon recess, too.  It is tricky to toss the ball (left handed) and hit (with right or both), but everyone is working on it.  I do not pitch.  I think the games go a bit faster this way.

Blessings,  Mrs. W

Friday, September 25, 2015


Happy Friday!

We began our day in God's house.  Mr.  Rosenthal (Quintin's dad) led us in our devotion.  We  thanked God for our colorful world.  We enjoy creation's beauty as His precious children.  We  also watched the  WELS Connection (kids video).   The topic this month was on bullying and Jesus' First Miracle.

We practiced our spelling and writing and read and practiced our new words of the week.    Ask  about all the questions Doc asked in our workbook page.

We practiced ordinal numbers (1st-6th) in math.  Do Lesson 22B.

Most of the boys played whiffle ball at recess.  It is quite the popular game now.

This afternoon we had Art.  Shhh- we made a cute art project to hang in the hall for Grandparents' Day next Friday.  We also reviewed our Spanish colors with the game "I have _____.  Who has ____?  (Who is also a spelling word, so we got lots of practice reading it).

Have a fabulous  weekend.  Happy Birthday ELI on Sunday.    

Thursday, September 24, 2015


We had a fabulous day in first grade.

The kids were a huge surprise and brought broad smiles to the residents at St. Frances Home.  We sang four songs and played our handbells in two different cafeterias during the breakfast hour. We also stopped by the activities room and sang for a smaller group there.  The kids also shared art work!  With our group of 24 beautiful singers I think many heard us real well, too.  See the pictures.

We went to WLA for the Koine concert, too.  The 6-7 piece band sang and played for just over an hour.  The gym was packed with WELS students from all over FdL.  How lovely to hear and sing more praises to our Savior.

This afternoon we did Superkids reading and writing and math.  Lesson 21B is homework.

A Weekly Note was sent home.

Blessings,  Mrs. W

Ava poses with Mrs. G, a member of our church.

Here is a video of our song, Arky, Arky.  I recorded in our last brief stop.  The other rooms had way more people!