WELCOME TO OUR FIRST GRADE BLOG SPOT! This is where we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Happy Thanksgiving.

We brought a lot of joy to the residents of the Woodlands.  I have included lots of pictures below.

This morning we also made cards for a woman from church who is ill.  Then we did Bible time and sang through our Christmas songs.  We also colored two Nativity pictures to share at the Woodlands.  We did math #53,  Counting dimes and pennies together.

THANK YOU Phoenix for the delicious Jimmy John's subs for lunch.

THANK YOU drivers for accompanying us on our trip.

The kids loved the ice-cream sundaes when we returned.  We watched some Tumble  Books and the Charlie Brown Thanksgiving movie.

Have a lovely weekend.  Give thanks to the Lord for He is good! Ps 107:1


We weaved our way in between tables.  The residents listened in surround sound.  :)

Monday, November 23, 2015



Welcome to a  short week.

Bible:  Read 1A  Pharaoh Refuses to Obey God.  Memory Treasure Lk 11:28  "Blessed are those who hear the Word of God and obey it."

Reading/Writing:  We did lots of work in our  Journal today.  That is homework tonight, to read it and sign the pink star.  Return it tomorrow!  Thanks.

Math:  Lesson  52

Gym:  More dancing.   Music:  Boom Wackers.

We also sang through the  Christmas service.  It is sounding better each  day.  Your children sing it with joy in their hearts, too.  They follow along in their songbook, too, so it is fabulous  reading practice!

Phoenix is providing lunch tomorrow for the class.   His  birthday treat is  Jimmy John's  Subs and chips.  The students may have milk or water.  Please still send a snack and fruit or veggie to go with lunch if you choose.  Thanks.  NO HOT LUNCH as there is a funeral dinner for Pastor Witte.  If your child does not want a sub, please send something else.

FIELD  TRIP tomorrow to the Woodlands.  We will leave at 11:45, sing at two buildings during the residents' lunch hour and return to school.  I will have "build your own sundae's" for the kids. Remember to send CAR SEATS.   My drivers are D. Looker, A. Evraets, N. Feltes, C. Jahnke, A.  Perry, K. Hodgden, O. Halbur and myself.

Blessings,  Mrs. W    

Friday, November 20, 2015


Happy Weekend.  Blessings,  hunters.  Be safe!

Chapel:  Mr. Rosenthal shared  a message  of  God's never  changing  love.   We also watched Kid's Connection.

Superkids Reading:   We read in pairs to share our ziploc bag  from last night.  We also took  our spelling test and finished our unit 6 workbook.  Peek at it.   It should have been brought home.

Math:   We did lesson 51 both sides  today, so  no homework!

Art:   We finished our turkeys.

Spanish:   Today we learned some  animal names and enjoyed the book  Tortuga in Trouble.

The class earned COOKIES, too.  The chocolate chip cookies I made were well  received  during  afternoon recess.  

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Happy Birthday Noah.   Thanks for the Lego Guy bday treats.

This is the table from our Math Activity.  We estimated and then measured the actual number of cups of water 5 different containers would hold.  The kids were so excited when they estimated the actual number!
Bible: We  reviewed God  Calls  Moses.  The kids recited the 1st Comm.  

Superkids:  We read Ettabetta's poem today.  She pretended to be a princess.  What fun to share our  favorite way to pretend at home during morning meeting.  Did you know you have "cliffs, motorcyles, ships, and cannons" at your house?  The students wrote about if they were a knight, princess or giant. 

Math:  We did the Estimation activity and practiced a problem solving strategy (see sheet).   

Social Studies:  We read more about communities and specifically considered the directions (north, south, east and west).  

Spelling Test tomorrow.  A Weekly note was sent home, too!


Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Nov. 18th already.  Where is the month going?   Below you will see pictures from the day.  Two 8th graders came and shared a devotion with us (a Wednesday tradition, but today we had 2).   At the end of the day we played a Superkids Spelling game with our 5-8th grade Buddies.

Christ Light:  Read 13 B   God Calls Moses    Mem.  Treasure:  1st Comm.

Superkids:  Review Spelling words (on back of homework chart).  Read ziploc bag books.

Math:  Test today.  No homework.

Gym:  We learned two dances.  Music:  Ask about it.

Field Trip note was sent home.   Sign and return.  Thanks!

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


Greetings from  First Grade!

Bible:  We reviewed Moses Leaves Egypt and discussed how we can make decisions God's Way or our (sinful) way.  May Jesus fill us with his love and power to make the right choices.  The children each recited 1 Pet 5:8

Superkids:  What fun to review "The Foolish Giant."  Thanks for having your child read it at home last night.  Everyone wants to read orally.  I am  proud of my confident readers!

Math:  Lesson 49.  We learned more subtraction problems today.  A  number - the same number (6-6=0) and a number - 0= the same number (5-0=5).

English:  We reviewed adverbs and adjectives and enjoyed the "jingles" to help us learn them.  Today we also learned the three articles (a, an, the).  We classified 6 sentences.

Social Studies:  We read more about "Community," and read a map key and identified the symbols on the map.

We ended the day with math and reading stations.

Finally, we have begun singing the Christmas songs.  You may hear some new songs at home.  

Monday, November 16, 2015


Welcome to a new week.  It was fun to hear about all our eventful weekends this morning.

Bible:  We learned Moses Leaves Egypt.  Memory Treasure:  I Peter 5:8

Superkids:  We reviewed long and short vowels.  Character dialogue and setting were discussed.  We also read our new story in Superkids.  Your child will read it to you tonight.

Math: Lesson  48 B  Today, we started telling time to the one hour.

Social Studies:  We  started a new unit on Community.

I did church attendance orally this morning.

Gym:  I had the whole class sweating in gym.  We did lots of running and dancing (Chicken Dance and The  Freeze).

Music:  We started singing our songs for the Christmas program today.  It will be beautiful!