WELCOME TO OUR FIRST GRADE BLOG SPOT! This is where we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Bible:  Read Naaman and study MT  Mt 28:19. Go and make disciples..,

Reading:  read "That Was Yesterday". Sign in the binder.  Sorry- no reading log tonight.

Math:  124. Polygons today.  A figure with straight sides and no openings.
Do homework page.

Musical practice and gym today.  We started a soccer unit,

Thursday, April 28, 2016


First Grade Weekly Note      April 28, 2016
New pictures on the blog!  :)   www.faith1stgrade.blogspot.com   

Memory Words: warm, once, done, walk, give
Pattern Words: found, brown, round, loud, grow

Faith Alive  The school newsletter will be sent out today.  It is loaded with information!   

Science: We are wrapping up our natural resources unit.  I posted the video we watched yesterday on the blog.  It was a good experiment about water pollution.  We have also done some work in our science journal.   

Reading Log:  Thanks for signing each night.  Keep it up.  
Reading Assessment: We took a reading test in class today.  I checked it and sent it home.  I am proud of the independent work!        

Clarinet Guest: Daryan Rosenthal played his clarinet for us in class today.  It was better than Hot Rod’s talent show performance.   

Xtra Math:  No new names to share this week.  We continue to practice our math facts.    

FieldTrip to Bookworm Gardens is on May 11.  I have many drivers.   Thanks for being willing.  Remember to pack lunches and send car seats.    

Math Stations: This week:  1)  XtraMath on ipads  2) coin counting 3) measuring and 4) fact practice.

“Wing It” K-4th grade Musical is on May 6th at 1:30 and 6:30.  Plan to attend.  Our class will  be cardinals.  Red shirts have been ordered for the class.  We will also wear hats.  They have been ordered, too.  

Musical Treats:  Only First grade is in charge of bringing treats next Friday night!  I will get  a google doc ready after school and email it so you can sign up.  If you have trouble accessing it,  just let me know and I will put you down for something.  Thanks for the contributions.

Book Order:  Our final book order slips were sent home last week.  You may send an order form back or order online.  My code is GVM93.  Orders due Wednesday,  May 4th.  Happy summer reading!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016


Bible:  8B  A Young Boy Lives   MT  The 3rd Article .  We have practiced much.  Say it a few more times at home.  Ask about the actions.

Reading: Read "The Lesson" tonight.  Daryan Rosenthal- please give us a private clarinet concert and lesson tomorrow.

Math:  Station work today.  No homework.

Gym:  Fun catching and throwing stations.   Music:  Musical songs

Science: Air, land and water pollution was our topic.   We watched a cool experiment video.  We only watched the first few minutes.    Water pollution experiment

Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Bible: Review of Elijah Goes to Heaven.

Reading: We practiced our ow and ou words.   We also had time to read to ourselves.
I read the book "The Scrambled States Talent Show."  Ask about it.   We finished Mrs. Piggle Wiggle yesterday.

Math: Lesson 122   Color in parts of a whole group.

Writing:  We brainstormed a setting and description for a story we will write later in the week.

Science:  Our topic today was land and water resources on earth, and naming them (mountain, river, island, ...)

Books and Reading Logs were sent home.

THANKS to Noah Walta and Eliza Rabe (5th and 6th grade) for coming to class today to share their stories (forensics pieces).  They were entertaining.  Ask about the missing substitute teacher and how a pig out-smarted a fox.

Monday, April 25, 2016


Good  afternoon!   We had a great day today.

Bible:  8A  Elijah Goes to Heaven.  MT  Jn 14:19  Because I live, you also will live.

Reading:  New poems today.  I did not send them home, though.  The topic is food.  :)
We also started unit 8 in Superkids and the the /ou/ sound,  spelled ow or ou.  Read and sign the reading log tonight.

Math:  Lesson 121  We practiced subtraction number sentences with a difference (answer) of one.  7-6=1     4-3=1.  We also made corrections to the test to fix and learn from our mistakes.

Science:  Air was our resource today.  Ask about my experiment.

Gym:  We did some great stations today.   The toss and catch with a scoop (container) was a favorite.  The kids loved throwing to a target (hoop) on the wall, too.  I am seeing some good overhand throws.

Musical practice.  Today we were in the gym.  It is coming together.

Thursday, April 21, 2016


Bible: Review of Naboth's Vineyard

Reading: Read a book and sign Reading Log

English:  We did a few pages in our workbook about sticking to a single topic when writing.  The kids also drew and then wrote about a kite.  We tried to use lots of descriptive words.

Math:  Stations today.  NO HOMEWORK!

Science:  Water is our natural resource of today.  Ask about our experiments.

Weekly Note was sent home today.

The Field  Trip permission slip was also sent home.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Gardening Wednesday!

Members of the Master Gardeners of Fond du Lac came to our "yard" today.  One was Joseph Schrieber's grandma.  We planted terrariums.  What fun to get our hands dirty and create beautiful project.  Directions for caring for the terrarium were also sent home. 

Bible: Review story 7B and study the Memory Treasure.  Rom 6:23. 

Reading:  Read "The Runaway Dragon" in the Superkids book.  Study spelling words.

Math:  We measured in centimeters today.  Do lesson 119 tonight. 

Science:  After digging in soil, we read about soil as a resource.  Can your child name the three kinds?  Topsoil, sandy soil and clay.