WELCOME TO OUR FIRST GRADE BLOG SPOT! This is where we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


Happy Labor Day weekend!

It was an exciting day in our class. 4 of our caterpillars are in their "J," just about ready to turn into their chrysalis.  How cool!  See the pictures below.

We all made it successfully to our teams and through the 6 Fun and Fitness stations.  I  am grateful for the cloud cover.  It made it cooler.  My station was a long jump rope station.  My first graders held their own with the big kids in our two rope, criss-cross twirl and jump!  Way to go.

This morning we started the day with a review of Noah's Ark.  The "Arky Song" is a new class favorite.  We did a math game with a dice and our desk partner.  See your child's graph.  We also did math stations and some Superkids.

Have a wonderful weekend.  God bless as you rest in the Son!

We enjoyed a treat after Fun n Fitness.

See our new "J"s?

Notice the size difference.  The caterpillars eat and eat and grow and grow. 

This was Wed night, before the J shape.  The kids noticed them attach themselves with a "button," too. 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Today was an eventful day.

We started with morning work and our Bible lesson, Noah's Ark.  We will practice the Memory Treasure tomorrow.  We ran out of time because of School  Pictures.  Ask about the Noah's Ark song.
We did some writing and spelling on our wipe off boards.

Recess was steamy,  but we did not seem to mind.  During Math today we set up our private "office."  It is a big folder so we can work privately and we took our first math test!   I saw some great, independent work!  Our math stations are very well liked right now, too.

After lunch, we marked in the binders what color shirt we can wear tomorrow for our team.  (If you don't have that color, don't worry about it).  We will go into our mixed age teams for Fun and Fitness from 1 until 2:30.  Please come and enjoy watching the 6 stations!

Mrs. H had us for music and I took the class to my backyard (next door) for gym in the shade of my huge trees.  It was very pleasant for our beanbag toss game.

Finally, we ended the day with two speakers.  We learned the 10 Commandments of Kids Health from a trainer from TNT.  We also learned health tips from Katie McKormick, the head of Relay for Life in the region.

Our caterpillars are huge!  I expect some chrysalises by tomorrow am.

Have a wonderful evening.  

Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I had  vb practice after school.  Sorry this post was delayed.  

Bible: We recited our MT and  reviewed Cain and Abel.

Superkids:  Today was all about Sal.  Ask what he stuffed in his closet.   We read his story as a group and in pairs.  

English:  We did exercises in listening to directions. 

Math:   We made towers with  cubes and ordered them from least to greatest.   We also did math stations  at the end of the day.  

It was our first hot lunch today, too.  Exciting!

School Pictures tomorrow!   

Monday, August 31, 2015

Monday 8/31

Bible:  Cain and Abel.   Rom  3:23

Superkids:  Ettabetta, more vowel practice.

Math:  0,6,8,9  Lesson 8B.  Ask about the new math  stations. :)

Music and Gym, interrupted with a fire drill practice.  :)

Science:  Field trip to Pastor Weigand's garden to see our sunflowers that we planted the last day of kindergarten.  Check out the picture!  Our four seeds really grew!  We also saw tomato plants, an apple tree, and our neighbor's pear tree.  We read a Sunflower book, too.

DEAR time:  Drop Everything And  Read!  We ended our day with our noses in books of our choice from bins.  Mrs. W and Mrs. Monroe worked with small groups.

THANK YOU,  Nichol Feltes and Melanie Monroe, for being my assistants today.   Mrs. Guell was home with a sick child.

We say a special prayer for Quintin and Bryce.  We miss you and hope you are feeling better soon.

Friday, August 28, 2015


My birthday treat brought smiles.  The Very Hungry Caterpillar was delicious.
We started our day in God's house.  Thank you, Pastor Parsons, for the message.  We were reminded that just as a lifeguard listens, watches and responds, our God listens, watches and responds to all our needs, especially our need for a Savior.

We reviewed Tic, Tac and Toc today in Superkids.  We read  and spelled more words, too.

In math, we discussed picto-graphs.  Do 7B for homework.  

I read my favorite book for my birthday, Roxaboxen!  Ask about this kid made town many years ago in AZ.  What a creative group of kids!

This afternoon we finished our writing/art project, a Reflection of Summer.  See them in the hallway when you come to church this weekend.   We also drew a butterfly with symmetry and began to paint it.

Eli brought more caterpillars.  These are staying here!  It will be fun to watch them grow and change.  They are already eating lots!

Happy B-day to Abigail P.  (We share the same b-day) Your  brownies were delicious.  

Thursday, August 27, 2015


Bible:  We  reviewed  Adam and Eve's first sin and talked about how the devil tempts us, too.  How grateful we are that God fulfilled his promise to Adam and Eve by sending his Son Jesus to "crush Satan's head" and open the doors to heaven for us.  The kids did a nice job reciting Jn 3:16, each one alone.  Tomorrow is chapel.

Superkids:  We learned about vowels  today.  Can your child name all 5?  What sounds does each say.  The o and u still confuse some of us.

Math; 6 B is homework. We discussed the differences between a circle, square and rectangle.

Today we also began our first writing project.  First we brainstormed about Summer,  Then we did a quick sketch about our favorite summer activity and finally wrote about it.   This will be incorporated with Art tomorrow.

The kids enjoyed one math station and one reading station today, too.

See  the Weekly Note and September calendar (on back) that came home today.

Have a nice evening.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


Bible:  Adam and Eve sinned.  God promised a Savior.  Pastor Parsons also stopped by.  We began our day with his devotion.  Each Wednesday, an 8th grader will lead our morning devotion.  Jn 3:16 is our Memory Treasure due  tomorrow.  We have been singing the school hymn, Our God Our Help in  Ages Past daily.  Can't wait to sing it in church this weekend.  

Superkids:  Today we reviewed Golly's trip to the vet and practiced the letters M, N, P, W, and V.

Math:  Lesson 5B is homework.  We practiced the numbers  2, 3 and 7 as they all start on the left and move to the right.

Music with Mrs. H and gym.  Ask about our "Home base" game and collecting "mail."

Science- we reviewed the life cycle of a butterfly.  Ask us what it means to "molt."  Why does a butterfly need a "probiscus?"

Have a great evening.  I am off to watch my son play football for WLA Jr. Vikes "under the lights" tonight.

Monarch caterpillars from Eli visited our class last week.  

We watched  a butterfly video. 

Team work in Math on Tuesday.