WELCOME TO OUR FIRST GRADE BLOG SPOT! This is where we will try to keep you up to date on what is happening in our classroom.

Thursday, February 4, 2016


It was a thrilling Thursday!
Bible:  Your kids loved the account of Joshua and the Israelites at Gibeon.  I was proud to tell them that even my 4th grade daughter didn't know about the 5 kings hiding in a cave.  We learned and remembered many details about the story.   The kids recited Mt 6:33.

Superkids:  Today we learned a new spelling rule.  Change the y to an i and add the ending (-er, -est).  We practiced with words like sunny, sunnier, and sunniest.  Hungry,  hungrier, and  hungriest.  We read our Dinosaur poems, too.  Fun!

Math:  We  made a class graph about the Number of Kids in our Family.  No one is a single child in this class.  9 have 2 kids, 12 have 3 kids, 4 have 4 kids and 1 has 6!  Ask who.  :)  Then we compared "How many more...?"  Do  lesson 82 tonight

Fact sheet:  Today I am expecting the fact sheet to be completed at home and sent back. Today it was stapled to the lesson.  Some kids needed extra time to complete it.

English:  We wrote some sentences with words from a "word bank."

Science:  We read more about dinosaurs.  I told them some books say "65 million years ago."  We know God made the dinosaurs on day 6 with the other animals.  Those scientists who write those things do not believe God's Word.  We can still read the books for the other fun information.

An email was sent about signing up for the Valentine party.  Let me know it you did not get it.  The Weekly Note also came home today.  

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Good afternoon.  We started our day with a devotion by an 8th grader on the Lord's Prayer.

Bible:  Please read our new story, 10 A, The Sun Stands Still.  The Memory Treasure is Mt. 6:33  Seek first His kingdom and his righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well.

Superkids:   We reviewed our words and took our Spelling Test.  We also did lots of writing today.

Math:  Lesson 81 is due tomorrow.

Reading:  We read in small groups today.   Please read the books that were sent home.  :)

The kids enjoyed math stations, too.

Hope you feel better soon Eli.  We  missed you.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Welcome Kristina, "Tina!"  She joined our class today.  We did a lovely job telling her what comes next in our day and how we do things in class.  It was fun to review our Name Game from the first few days of school.  The class wore name  tags, too, to help our new friend.

We had 3 Winter Wonderland recesses.  I heard "This is the best day ever!"

Bible:  Achan's Sin.  We discussed how there are consequences for our sins sometimes.  Praise God, not like Achan's!  We are forgiven by Jesus and filled with His love.  May we share it by our words and actions.  The kids did a nice job reciting the 9th Comm.  Thank you for working on it last night.

Superkids:  We reviewed our Memory Words.  Spelling Test tomorrow.  The words are on the back of the homework chart!

Please read the new Dinosaur poems.  We will do a brief unit in science about dinosaurs.

Writing/English  We wrote a How To piece, How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich.  Ask to see it.  Review the You will need:  and the 4 steps.

Math:  Test today,  No homework.  The kids are enjoying our stations.  We get lots of fact practice, too.

Thanks for reading the library books that are being sent home.  We are growing as readers!  How exciting to watch and listen.


Monday, February 1, 2016


Happy February!
We did get right to work this  Monday morning.  The kids put pictures from Twin Day in their journals.

Bible:  We learned the story of Achan's Sin.  We practiced the 9th Comm with a game.  It is long, but I want everyone to study it tonight and try to learn it. :)

Superkids:  We reviewed our Memory Words and practiced our pattern words.  Spelling test is Wed.

Math:  We practiced our "doubles plus one" facts.  Test tomorrow, no homework.

Social  Studies: We wrapped up our Work unit.  Today we reviewed and discussed what "volunteers" do.  The kids sorted pictures of items from "Then" and "Now."

Gym:  We will be learning a few new dances in gym.  Today was the Bunny Hop and The Mexican Hat Dance.  Ask about them.  We also did some more jumping rope.

We ended the day with Reading stations, so everyone brought home a new library book.

Thursday, January 28, 2016


We had a great day in first grade.  I have been using the digital timer on the SmartBoard some.  The kids love it.  They stay focused and get their work done in a timely manner.  It worked wonders as we studied our new doubles plus one flashcards today.

Bible:  Review of Fall of Jericho.  The kids remembered so many details. Memory Treasures were recited.  I think lots of kids forgot to study!

Reading:  We read our first story in our new Superkids book.  Read "In Case of Rain" tonight. I told the class, "You may even do one of those projects."

Math:  We did lesson 78, practiced facts and enjoyed one math station.  See the Weekly Note for a list of our new stations.

Writing:  I modeled a story today with 3 supporting details.  We also added explanations and details to my boring first draft.  Tomorrow the kids will write a story with 3 supporting details using the works first, next and last.

Many kids chose to go sledding for 2 recesses.  

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

100th Day!

We started out the day with a devotion by 8th grader Dylan S.  We learned our Bible story, The Walls of Jericho Come Down.  Read  9A to review.  The memory treasure is Ps 119:105   Your  word is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.

Next we did some creative thinking, art and writing for our 100 creations.  They hang in the hallway. A  photo is included below.

Math:  We filled our 100 charts with our 100 items and counted by 2, 5, 10s and 25s.  What fun to walk silently around our 100 Museum and see what others brought.  We even wrote down our 5 favorites (see the sheet).  The kids also made 10 caterpillars with 10 dots in each.  Fun!

We read Fancy Nancy's 100th Day of School and more in our Little House book.  Pa thought a tree stump was a bear on his journey home.

Reading:  Read the 100 Day poems and return them to school.  We also wrote 100 words as a way to review our year's spelling words and pattern words.  Way to go first grade!!!  Of course, we had to celebrate with a 100 treat when we were done.

Book bags stayed at school.  Please let me know if I am sending too much homework.  I don't want nights to be a burden, but I also want to develop great readers.

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Happy Tuesday!  We had a productive day at school.

Bible:  What fun to review Rahab and the Spies.   We talked about the enemy, encouragement (she gave) and the escape.  Praise God,  Jesus conquered our enemy, God gives us encouragement through His Word, and we have an eternal escape in heaven waiting for us.

Superkids: We reviewed the sounds y  can make  /i/,  /e/, and /ay/.   Read through the new Memory Words.

Math: 77  We practiced doubles plus one some more.

Social Studies:  Today with discussed Needs vs Wants, and  Saving vs Spending.

Thanks to Mrs.Wilsmann (3rd grade) for letting us borrow her sleds for third recess.  What fun to sled out behind the school (into my yard).